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Consent to receive advertising information

Consent to receive advertising information (Amended on 22. 9. 27.)

Tripbtoz, Inc. receives prior consent from recipients to transmit advertising information in accordance with relevant laws, such as 「Personal Information Protection Act」, 「Act On Promotion Of Information And Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection」, etc. In addition, the company regularly checks whether the recipients of advertising information consent to receiving it.

If the user agrees to receive advertising information based on this document, the user is deemed to have agreed to the following.

1. Purpose and content of transmission of advertising information

2. The company transmits advertising information to provide information such as benefits (points, coupons, etc.), events, promotions, and customized benefits.

3. The company may provide various information necessary for the use of the service through the service screen, SMS, e-mail, etc. However, essential information about the use of the service, such as payment and reservation information, is provided regardless of this consent.

4. How to transmit advertising information

A. The company transmits advertising information through the member's mobile app push, mobile phone text message (SMS), email, KakaoTalk message, etc.

B. If the company transmits information by means (address, etc.) not listed in the preceding paragraph, advertising information can be transmitted only through the means for which prior consent has been obtained by separately notifying the member.

5. Withdrawal of Consent to Receive Advertising Information

A. Members may withdraw their consent to receive advertising information at any time in any of the following ways, even after consenting to receiving advertising information.

- On the service menu in the web/app

- Through the customer center (02-711-6880~1)

B. Even if members do not agree to receive advertising information, they can use the basic services provided by the company.