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Ranking service introduction

The ranking service is a service in BTOZ World where users communicate with video and conquer destinations with video. Users upload better videos, compete to gain sympathy on other users, and receive TripCash corresponding to their achievements. Tripbtoz supports users to freely travel anywhere through the world with their rewards. A world where experience turns into money! Share and leave your wonderful trip in BTOZ World!

1. Overview of Ranking Service

The 'Ranking' is a service that is operated repeatedly on a period notified in advance(hereinafter referred to as "season") by Tripbtoz (hereinafter referred to as "the company") and in units of 'region and location'. Users can accumulate ranking points each time they perform certain actions within one season, as set forth in this “Ranking service introduction”. Based on the cumulative ranking points acquired by the end of the season, the ranking of user accounts by ‘region and location’ is determined, and users are rewarded based on the ranking.

2. Service Operation Policy


Tripbtoz operates a ranking service on a season basis. When the season starts, users can accumulate ranking points, and at the end of the season, the final ranking by region is determined according to the ranking points accumulated by the user by ‘region and location’. When a season ends, the ranking points and rankings accumulated by users do not carry over to the next season. When a new season starts, your ranking points and rankings are all updated. The company announces the start and end dates of the season in guidance of the service screen.

BTOZ world

The ranking is operated by dividing the ‘region and location’ in BTOZ World by Country - State - City - Accommodation. The ranking service is operated where transactions have occurred exceeding a certain amount within the company's accommodation reservation service.

Ranking point

Users can accumulate ranking points according to their actions and reactions, such as uploading videos, writing posts, and comments/likes on videos and posts.

However, points are not accumulated if the user leaves a reaction to the video or post uploaded by the user. In addition, responses to users are limited to one per each post, and points are not provided in duplicate.

'Booster' is an item that can receive additional ranking points. Boosters are automatically applied to receive additional ranking points for the next day (00:00 ~ 23:59) of the day they were acquired. Boosters can be acquired when the user performs the ‘Acquire booster action’.

The ranking points are displayed sequentially, after acquired points during the day (00:00:00 ~ 23:59:59) are added to the accumulated as of 10:00 am the next day. Ranking Points are accumulated during the current season and no longer accumulate after the season ends.

Ranking reward

A certain percentage of the transaction amount generated from the company's accommodation reservation service is provided as prize money to be paid to the user. The company pays TripCash as a reward for users selected as the top 100 rankers (hereinafter referred to as 'rankers') based on accumulated points in individual 'region and location' units. Rewards are distributed according to the proportion of individual 'region and location' units to the accommodations where the transaction amount occurred and the regions where the accommodations are located. Reward is calculated according to the ratio set for each section of the ranking and paid differently to the ranker. However, even if the user is selected as a ranker, the reward that does not meet the minimum standard (500T of TripCash) in each individual unit of ranking selection may be canceled.

3. Ranker selection and reward payment

Ranking season refers to a period set by the company by specifying that users accumulate ranking points. After the season ends, 100 users with high points in individual 'region and location' units of BTOZ World will be selected as 'rankers'. If two or more users obtain the same ranking points, a higher ranking is given to the user who achieved the points first.

Ranker selection process

1) Check the minimum conditions for reward payment

a) Users aged 14 or older (additional authentication may be required for minors)

b) Upload at least one video that meets the eligibility requirements within the season

c) Comply with ranking rules

2) Check the user's video

a) Upload at least one video that meets the eligibility requirements before the end of the season

- Videos that are relevant to the nature of the service

⎼ Enter location information that matches the location where the video was shot

⎼ Videos that are not copied and edited from other people's videos

b) Check ranking rule compliance

Ranking reward payment

TripCash is paid as a reward for users confirmed as 'rankers ' through the ranker selection process . Personal information such as the user's name and contact information may be collected for reward payment, and the user's resident registration number may be requested for tax processing . Selected 'rankers ' will be individually notified of the necessary details of reward distribution, via email and mobile app push.

4. Rules related to ranking

The company strives to ensure that all users can compete with fairness and receive legitimate rewards by the ranking service. The specifics are as follows.

Ranking Rule Violations

If the user does the following, it is considered a violation of the ranking rules.

1) Users under 14 years of age (additional certification may be required for minors)

2) Unfair competition falling under any of the following sub-paragraphs:

a. In the case of intentionally lowering the ranking point or helping other users

b. In the case of intentionally lowering the ranking points of other users

c. Stacking up points using multiple accounts

d. Exploiting bugs to gain benefits

e. Manipulation using illegal programs

f. In the case of purchasing and uploading other users' contents or performing similar acts

g. When points are accumulated on condition that money or equivalent is paid to other users

h. Any other similar acts (the company comprehensively considers all circumstances and determines whether it is a violation).

Measures in case of violation of ranking rules

1) If a user violates the ranking rules, the company will take action in one of the following ways after considering all circumstances, such as timing, reason, and extent of the violation.

a. Deduction, recovery or reset of ranking points acquired by the user

b. Deletion of content posted by users, restriction of exposure, etc.

c. Temporary suspension of user account, permanent suspension, etc.

d. Exclusion or restriction from ranker selection

e. Ranker selection cancellation

f. Deduction, cancellation, collection of paid rewards, etc.

2) If the company takes the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph due to a user's violation of the ranking rules, the user will be notified of the measures taken in accordance with the violation, via email and mobile app push.

3) If there is an objection to the measures under this article, the user may file an appeal to the company. “Service Usage Guide” is applied to the appeal procedure.